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Anonymous said: This is so cute!!! I love your blog!!! I'm not even gay but I know this is the sweetest most cutest blog ever!!!


Anonymous said: Hey omg your blog makes me smile so much I wanna ask. I once was in a relationship but I didn't know what I wanted I was still confused and now that I know this person only wants to be friends. How would you deal with this in my situation :/

If you want to stay her friend, then you need to get over this. You cannot harbor feelings for her. You cannot pretend like all you want is friendship, but secretly have hopes for a more involved relationship. It will eventually come out, make her uncomfortable, and ruin your friendship.

If you can’t, then you should leave and not be her friend.

I know it’s easier said than done :/


Destroy the idea that in gay couples one has to be masculine and one has to be feminine to imitate heterosexuality